WordPress Migrations

At WPFetch, we do migrations the old fashioned way. We don’t use unreliable plugins to transfer your valuable content from your current host to your new one. We manually transfer your WordPress files via FTP, and export/import your WordPress database using MySQL techniques. This way we can be sure nothing is left behind. Your posts, pages, images, themes, plugins, etc will all be included. Because we make the transfer by cloning the your existing database, your current site won’t be affected during the migration process.

Once the migration process is complete, you’ll be able to view your WordPress site before the DNS is changed. This way, you can make sure everything is up and running before switching your domain name over to the new host. If your new host doesn’t give you the option of using a temporary URL, we can provide one for you at no extra cost.

Only once you’ve verified your site is up and operational will we be satisfied. Once you’ve given us the ok, we’ll update the setting in the WordPress installation to once again use your domain name (as opposed to the temporary domain). You’ll then just need to update the DNS on your domain name, and you’ll be all set. Of course, if you opted for our optional DNS setup service, we can do this part for you as well.

Other Site Migrations

If your website is using another CMS like Joomla or Drupal, (or even if it’s not using a CMS and it’s all custom-built) we can probably still help you with your migration. Costs and turnaround times for such a migration are on a case-by-case, so contact us and we can get you a quote.

DNS Changes

DNS is the service that points your domains and and subdomains to the correct server. After your making your change from your current host to another, you’ll need to update your DNS settings. For example, if you site is being migrated from a Hostgator server to WPFetch’s hosting service, you would simply update the name servers assigned to your domain to the nameservers we will provide to you. If you’re using WP Engine as your new host, you’ll instead need to update your DNS by modifying the primary A record on your domain name. Our DNS setup service can take care of all of these tasks for you.